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I’ve been a web developer working in the commercial industry since 2001, starting off as part of ‘Noisytoys’ – a Web & Design partnership. My career began making Flash games, in  an era where everybody who was anyone wanted Flash on their website. We made a branded Space invaders for Fabric night club,  a custom maze game for Capital FM‘s Party in the park, and a community based drag-racing game for Renault Sport, where members raced against each other, accumulating cash to upgrade their cars.

Since then I’ve worked in numerous London agencies of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Initially Flash was still king and was used for full-site builds; such as sites for Land Rover’s 60th Anniversary and Land Rover’s LRX Concept car were build while working at Wunderman.

The Flash focus continued while I was a lead developer at Saint Digital in it’s award winning years, before merging with RKCR/Y&R, and then with Comic Relief’s Sport Relief in 2012.

As the web changed, flash started declining in popularity and so the focus moved to HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript. With WordPress becoming more powerful, this became the CMS of choice for many of my clients, allowing affordable, fully content managed sites to be uniquely tailored to an individual companies needs. This method was used for a  was created with designer Andy Boughton for RedZebra.

Working with 22 Design, as a long-term contractor, I’ve been involved in many custom WordPress builds, as well as multiple online HMTL5 banner campaigns using Google’s Double-click for delivery. One such HTML5 campaign was involved working with Google’s technical team to develop the dynamic retargeting possibilities of the system.

I generally work on an individual client project basis, but ideally look to form on-going relationships with designers or agencies.

Get in touch if you’re looking for a web developer.

Key Skills:
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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript /jQuery
  • Wordress
  • XML
  • Responsive Website Production
  • Flash Actionscript As2.0, As3.0 (OOP)
  • After effects Animation
  • Adobe AIR
  • Php (limited)
  • ASP (limited)
  • Photoshop, Illustrator& Fireworks
  • Eclipse,SVN
  • TABS, TangoZebra, DoubleClick, IBlaster Papervision Experience
  • Pure MVC Experience

2 thoughts on “A web developer”

  1. Hi,
    just been sent your details, im local and im currently in the process of making my wordpress site for my start up business, however seem to have hit a brick wall in trying to complete the site.

    is this something in your field of work? if so how much do you charge?



    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks for getting in touch. This is something I can help with, I’ve emailed you regarding your wordpress website development.


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