Storm in a teacup

Storm in a teacup is a small hand-made jewellery brand who needed an ecommerce site.
I helped them to evaluate the possible e-commerce solutions suitable for their needs and evaluate which was best for them.
Ultimately they went for Woocommerce (over shopify), mainly due to the lower monthly running costs and credit card charges.

Visit site (and maybe buy some Jewellery?)

Bmerch needed a platform to sell merchandise for their various clients.
The challenge was to find a low budget platform, that would allow mutliple store fronts, controlled from one central admin area. On top of this, the store had to have the option to have their products fulfilled by Amazon. The solution was a custion build WordPress and Woocommerce them, allowing up to 30 different stores. Each store’s look and feel could be customised by bmerch, and all orders were processed from a central admin area.

Store Examples:

Brendan Cole

Jason Donovan