22 Design

I’ve been working with 22 Design since around 2012. I was initially brought on board for a specific project, but soon became part of the regular development team.
Projects varied, and ranged from banner campaigns (both HTML5 and flas) using Double clicks Dynamic banner system, to custom built wordpress sites. Additionally, custom hand-coded pages were created for mini-sites for TALK TALK promotional campaigns.

Example of site built with 22 Design:

Harris Hagan

Shaftesbury Young People

Allianz – Unconstrained thinking


Storm in a teacup

Storm in a teacup is a small hand-made jewellery brand who needed an ecommerce site.
I helped them to evaluate the possible e-commerce solutions suitable for their needs and evaluate which was best for them.
Ultimately they went for Woocommerce (over shopify), mainly due to the lower monthly running costs and credit card charges.

Visit site (and maybe buy some Jewellery?)